Friday, July 16, 2010

Animating to Music

Appealing character design. Appealing movement in cycles (because music is cyclic). Then hit those beats with some groovy poses. That is animating to music.

Undisputed best animation ever


Anonymous said...

You are da papa/teacher bear and we are the junior animator owls!(Got big eyes but we can't always see well yet!)Heh heh sweet clip with everything good about it! Art, economy interesting movement and humour. Won't be able to get that wolf howl out of my head again thanks to you!

Frank said...

Yes! The wolf from the greatest animated short film ever created!

That jittery owl, who works outside of the beat in the group of owls, is animation gold. But on his/her own, they would not be noticed as brilliance. It's the difference, the 'change' that gives the impact.

A nice, neat animation lesson nestled under an owl's wing.

The Loud One said...

HAH! brilliant. so simple yet very appealing. That bear always reminds me of you :)

Frank said...

I love the bear. I think I shall hug myself!