Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Forest Trio - Alexey Alexeev

What is it? What makes this animation so appealing? There is some nice technical aspects such as wonderful timing, good design, interesting characters (how about the base drum by the rabbit!), and check out those head turns. I laugh at this every time.

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Frank said...

While attending a lecture by Alex Heyboyan in Paris he gave up not animation gold, but an animation diamond.

I'm hiding it here. Maybe you'll discover it one day.

Forest Trio definitely is repaeatedly and sustainably funny due to the crafting of the timing.

But alex found the diamond about timing. He said, "the comedy is made in the silence".

Combining this with Miyazaki's 'ma' , which isn't exactly the same but nicely parallel.

The crafting of the silence in animation gives the sustainble, intangible trigger for the amazing humouros appeal in some animation.

Some animators have it as an indescribable sense. That is what makes them great. I'm thinking of Chuck Jones. They never needed to analyse it.

But some of us smell things a different way and to analyse things down to mathematics can produce a revelation that shoots tingles to an animator's fingertips. To discover just how much silence is perfect to create perfect timing to trigger subconcious psychological responses in an audience is invaluable.