Saturday, June 18, 2011

Clear Animatic - Get ready for Semester 2

In semester 2 second year animators will be collaborating with music composers and sound designers on their major project. The animatic for the project is the main form of visual communication. Is it clear? Some of you have some story clearing up to do.

This animatic is by an animation student (Henry Zhang, again)

Be Quiet - Henry Zhang

This is a first year animation from UCLA Animation Workshop. Look for the arcs and spacing. If you smile, that's because of the timing.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Animation Type - Straight Ahead Animation for FX

Michel Gagné is an animator who creates wonderful animated FX. Using a 2D style, Gagné has worked with Brad Bird on "Iron Giant" and "Ratatouille". It is worth researching his 2D effects channel on YouTube and then having a go at animating some of the FX.

Animated effects are often organically formed in the animator's imagination with a bit of planning but 'feeling' the animation by working straight ahead. Jason Lynch, our special guest stop motion feature film animator, spoke about this animation type and the animation principles in his recent workshop with SBIT animation students.

The other recently featured FX animator on this blog is Ryan Woodward.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Dripped - Léo Verrier

If you like or study fine art painting, this film will hold some appeal.

If you like animation being pushed and experimented with, this film may have something for you.

Brisbane Animation - Gus - Andrew Martin - Honeydew Studios

As Sarah Murray (All Farts are Humorous blog) will tell you, I am distinctly unenamoured by fart jokes. I am counting on "Gus" having a twist. Anyway, Andrew Martin is a Brisbane animator working hard on a project and I seek for you all to lend some support.