Saturday, June 18, 2011

Clear Animatic - Get ready for Semester 2

In semester 2 second year animators will be collaborating with music composers and sound designers on their major project. The animatic for the project is the main form of visual communication. Is it clear? Some of you have some story clearing up to do.

This animatic is by an animation student (Henry Zhang, again)


Johnny said...

This works very well as an animatic. Short and to the point.

Frank said...

I like the bold color use and dynamic shapes of the explosions and clouds. An animatic should tell a clear story and I think it does.

Luke said...

This is amazing! Fun, expressive and even epic with its effects choices, and still carries a concise, simple story. I really like the colours, the character designs - and the backstory with the wall-hangings of generations past.

michelle said...

Sweet! I like his thinking and his surprise ending!

Harvey said...

This is Sh*t!!!!!!!

Just joking, like u said frank, the explosions and clouds are great. And the colour adds greatly to the story, keeps it moving.

I like how the character whips and shifts about the room dynamicly. His movements control the angle of the camera.