Monday, June 13, 2011

Animation Type - Straight Ahead Animation for FX

Michel Gagné is an animator who creates wonderful animated FX. Using a 2D style, Gagné has worked with Brad Bird on "Iron Giant" and "Ratatouille". It is worth researching his 2D effects channel on YouTube and then having a go at animating some of the FX.

Animated effects are often organically formed in the animator's imagination with a bit of planning but 'feeling' the animation by working straight ahead. Jason Lynch, our special guest stop motion feature film animator, spoke about this animation type and the animation principles in his recent workshop with SBIT animation students.

The other recently featured FX animator on this blog is Ryan Woodward.


Johnny said...

This reminds me of the pixar day vs night short. Wonder if the idea came from this film. Nicely done!

Frank said...

Animating effects can free up an animator from the strictures of character believability.

Interesting observations Johnny.