Friday, August 7, 2009

Student Animation Blogs from Canada

A post and film featured on Mitch's Animation Anxiety Attacks has inspired this post.

The film was by a 2008 graduate from the animation course @ Sheridan College in Canada (4 year course).

One of the animation teachers from Sheridan has an unofficial blog, much like this one, that links to student blogs for Sheridan College.

I think it is a good idea for students to assess their own animation development by comparing their output and animation results with their peers (other animation students). That way they can see and seek to improve.

How does your animation compare?

Because some of my students don't seem to fully understand my teachings, but have an amazing grasp of anime, I have translated the above post for them using online translation software:

Mitch, so the post and the film which become the feature. The insecure seizure of the life of Mitch urged this post. The film Canada (course of 4 years) kept depending on 2008 graduates from the university of Sheridan of course of life. The one of life teachers from Sheridan is connected to [burogu] of the student for the university of Sheridan, in the same way as this 1, it has that informal [burogu]. I think of that what assesses the development of their itself lives the equal person (the other life student) thing by comparing the result of their outputs and life is profitable step for the student. The method of seeing because they improve, being possible to endeavor. How it compares your life?

While you are checking out student work the 2009 AnimationMentor Student Showcase is worth a look.


Willem Wynand said...

animating to music?

defnitly have a peak at this =)

Frank said...

That was great Will. Some excellent timing and poses by the animator who animated Andy and the drunk on the high wire. I also liked the 2D perspective arcs on the hands as things got chaotic.

How about pushing your poses like these guys did?