Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Eyes ~ Derriman - "Pop!" ~ Annecy

Look at the eyes. Look at the eye-eees! Up there by Bernard Derriman^ , down there by spaghetti mixed with western*. "It's all in the eyes" (a link to an educational animation lecture... no, it is not one of mine... so go there and check it out!)

If eye darts could kill, that clip would be regarded as one of the biggest on-screen massacres in film making history!

Oh, and an animated music clip that brings together some themes bubbling through the animation studios recently.

Field trip to Annecy 2011 anyone?

*If the First Year Stop Mo' Crew are feeling left out, here is a special Spaghetti Western for you.

^(Thanks Michelle for your email trail to this clip)

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Anonymous said...

Derriman's animation has made me laugh and blown me away each time I look at this! It's sort of apple -pie retro to look at but hammers with the animation! Classic eyedarts! This whole post is awesome and funny! Loved that longshot in the Clint Eastwood clip and savoured Noodle's gorilla moves!