Sunday, July 18, 2010

Artur De Pins - Cinema patrons

The first year animators have been set the task of designing a 2D character for animation. The client brief asks for a "cinema patron". The animators are not limited to designing a human character.

Below is an image by Artur De Pins (One of Terry's favourite artists), which, in one image, shows quite a few different interactions between characters in a cinema.

A further challenge for the first years will be to animate their character. Interaction with surrounding characters will be strongly encouraged as it will require team work and communication between animators. As we always remind students, "Animation is a collaborative process."

Have you been to the cinema lately? Were there particular people/ characters in the cinema that caught your attention?

Artur De Pins

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Frank said...

Yes Scheree and Tatiana, De Pins' work is reminiscent of Chris Sanders' work (Lilo & Stitch).