Friday, July 16, 2010

Dragonboy The Movie

This 2010 masters thesis project/ short film is produced in association with the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. The film web site:

Of particular interest to second years would be to research the individual animators' web sites and how they present themselves to the industry. You can easily tell, as can potential employers, that these animators are strongly presenting themselves. Two of them use professional looking blogs (as we discussed in class this week).

Film found over on Avner Engel's online workbook. He is an Australian animator currently studying at AnimationMentor.

It is our first week back at animation school and the second years have been looking more closely at some eye animation. Check out the blinks and eye darts in this film. Note how they enhance the character interaction and the energy and emotion in the film.

Remember when watching any animation: "Once for entertainment, once for thinking, once for critiquing*, then start studying the detail." (*transfer thoughts to written words)


Anonymous said...

So that's where 3rd year Cassie got to! I watched this on Vimeo the other day and it's certainly worth watching more than twice! This animation has so much appeal!Eyes lead! I love that they mainly act, don't speak. There is all these nice little extra observations in there. Did you know their school offers online degrees to masters and individual units? I think it's pretty xxie, about about $2200 per course, which I think means what we'd call a unit but worth looking at.

Bernie Warman said...

Wow! Thanks for posting our short :)

And thanks for the kind words too!

Frank said...

No worries Bernie. It's inspirational work and may lift the energy of the animation students who watch it.