Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Xray Vision - Annika Bergström

This is an interview with Annika Bergström, the Swedish animator who also wrote and performed the song*. Annika animated in Flash but had a mixed media approach that blended quite nicely (I thought) to create this narrative/music video.

Second years are working on their major project narratives and will have a music video assignment to work on in Jane's classes as well. I hope this clip may provide some inspiration.

Check out all the quiet moments that rely on 'camera movement' and 'idle' animation or FX cycles.

"It's just a little story describing one of life's lonely moments. There's a girl walking through an empty town, I think she's sort of isolated in her world. To her the real world just shines through in fast glimpses sometimes. There's not really a correct interpretation of it, it's a simple story."

* The second years are lucky they have music and audio students to work with.


michelle said...

I like your new wallpaper Frank! Restful and calm and thoughtful! I get what you are saying about the music clips. These are both effective and economical in style.
Hey, I really love the Don Bluth four frame bird cycle! Thanks!

Frank said...

Michelle. I lost your post! I was deleting the hacker comment but lost your one as well. Please, if you are able, pop up a new post? As I didn't get to digest it in full.

Frank said...

Thanks for youyr comments Michelle. Glad you like the new blog template and that you have been ispired by the Don Bluth bird flying clip. Sorry your comment got deleted. It disappeared when I deleted a spam comment.