Thursday, July 1, 2010

11 Second Club meets Gobelins Graduate - Liane-Cho Han

The featured clip (above) won the 11 Second Club competition in September 2009. The animator's name caught my eye and I realised that it was Liane-Cho, one of the animators who was a tutor in the workshop time I had at the Gobelins summer school in 2009. He had just finished working on the 2D feature film The Illusionist. Will posted about that film on his student blog.

It was great to read a bit more about Liane-Cho in the interview by Eric Scheur.

His work is critiqued by Animation Mentor Dana Broadway.

The work below is from his blog. Warning: Strong language use.

After Michelle's comment (Thanks Michelle!), I have also embedded Liane-Cho's student showreel from Gobelins - pretty much all pencil tests (some 3D).

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Anonymous said...

That 11second club interview was outstanding! I think his drawings are actually better because they ARE observational and capture natural movement/poses and there is substance and weight to them. He treats the figure as a whole. They don't have any fancy affectations! It's really enlightening to see the great movement on his school reel and it's mainly pencil test! I watched the trailer for the Illusionist again the other day and it struck me how much was going on in each shot and how beautiful the movements and drawings, and well, you know, the staging is really interesting because a lot of the time it's as though you are looking at a stage set, i mean from more of a distance and yet it is a very beautiful masterful way of encompassing all of the movements. This animator, Liane-cho makes really lovely movement! This is a really good post, Frank, it sort of tempers all of the overwhelming thoughts a student has about where the hell they (I) would fit into this spectacular animation world, and Liane-cho's comments are the sound of sense coming re: drawing, thinking through the process, not being precious, creating a logic within the movement, and just trying to always improve and do good work. Nice one. Oh yeah, some of the mouth shapes in his 3D lipsync are hilarious/work well!