Wednesday, July 14, 2010

22 minutes worth watching

I found this clip (and Vimeo channel) via an animation forum post at the 11 Second Club. It has information about getting into the animation industry.


michelle said...

Awesome, he does light up the room, I like the way his voice went up when he was being emphatic! Great advice! That answers a few questions for me about putting yourself where the opportunity is and being prepared enough to say yes and get your foot in the door!

Johnny said...

This guy says alot of great stuff about approaching things like finding work, from a different point of view. I also like how he is a really positive person.

Frank said...

Hey Michelle and Johnny thanks for dropping by and making a comment. I like that he has cue cards but goes off track in his passion and enthusiasm then pretty much runs out of time leaving us knowing there is even more he could teach.