Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Summer in Paris

Paris blog
(image from Ratatouille, Pixar Animation 2007)
click on the rat to get to Paris


Cassie said...

Hehe, I wish Frank, though I would jump if I had some money to spare.. though after forking out for the next JRA webinars and buying a new animation book I am about $200 worse for wear. All that money will pay me back one day soon though, I know it.

Alright, safe trip in Paris and lend me all your note when you get back so I can soak them up like an animation sponge! :)

Also have fun too, ok?

Stevie Ray said...

Boy, do I wish I could catch one in 15 seconds .. I think I'll try it! Is that what you do? Yeah, I don't know why I try to draw so much info when I sketch a person. I mean, is that all really important?