Friday, June 12, 2009


This is a compilation of some works-in-progress clips from the 2nd year animators (WiPs). They are continuing to polish their work after a critiquing session we had in class. You can see their final work posted on their blogs. Links on the right of page.

I am quite proud of what they have learned working through this first Essential Animation Principle (EAP) exercise. Please critique their work.

Some works in progress by 2nd year animators.

Some work by 2nd year animators that had to be handed in by a deadline. "Animation is never finished, it's just handed over"


Cassie said...
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Cassie said...

Really need to work on the TIMING and The Key POSES, Make every thing clear to read and make sure that you put in contrast.

The the normal human will read the pose from the hands up to the face, so try to make sure that there is no strange things happening with these.

Remember you can't move a foot as it supports the whole body weight, it gives the sense of no weight on that foot and takes away the attention of the audience.

Saying that keep working and take time to experiment with your work.
Well done for coming this far!