Sunday, March 6, 2011

Love and Theft by Andreas Hykade

First year animator Jac and I were having a discussion in class the other day about animated video clips we had seen at festivals. I thought we were initially talking about the same film. We weren't.

The one Jac meant is posted on her blog; Ausschnitt by Maurice Hubner.

The clip below is the one I meant.

Interestingly they are both European based animation, and both by German animators.

Australian animators can be influenced quite strongly by mainstream United States style animation. But it is equally apparent that Japanese animation has a strong influence. If an animator has grown up watching the ABC, their influences, may be from the United Kingdom through imported BBC programs.

The excitement of being an animation student is to research and experience the wealth of the global animation experience. Sometimes finding the best animated film ever made (KJFG No.5).

Thanks to Trent Ellis from the Animators Alliance Australia, who hosted International Animation Day in 2010, for introducing me to this, I think, amazing film. It highlights what poets, playwrights and songstresses teach animators about finding a rhythm in our storytelling.


Zade said...

This is cool! Thanks for the post, I have seen this Film feature heaps from others blogs and emails. Also this was the one that was at the Animation Alliance Australia's International Animation Day, that will be on again in a few months for those unaware of it, you should check it out this year! Anyway, it's a cool animation and it is very simple although the technique and the music and idea has talent the actual animation is very simple and would be simple to complete in a few months for a Narrative like the 2nd years have. I believe based from this animation, that animation and the story to an extent is not that often valued by festivals. However the Idea and the Quality of the film has a big vote for the animation film festivals, I would like to see and think that Animation Principles and good quality animation still have value though and I believe it often does for most festivals and work etc. Also this film and Tropfest film that won, both have just been music based animation, so perhaps 2nd year animation students who still haven't thought of a Narrative concept or treatment etc and haven't thought of the value of a simple music video or showreel could also get ideas and acknowledge of the popularity for simple animation with music etc. :)

Willva films said...

I wish i understood sound... This animation is all about the structure and repetition of sounds. Animation and sound have long been good partners.

I think it an animator has a basic understanding music. they can create something truly amazing =) like the example posted above =)... not to mention the pop culture references haha =)

Frank said...

Thanks Willva and Zade.

Animation and music have many similarities - working with beats, rising action, key moments, rhythms and stillness.

That's why I think music lends itself well to animation.

Jasen said...

I had this one sent to me on the weekend which is kinda appropriate too....

Destino by Salvador Dali & Disney

Frank said...

I've wanted to see Destino for a long time. It is amazing. Where does one start?

Definitely one to talk with Jane about in Animation History class.

I'm pretty sure it won't stay online for long. That is a lot of copyright warnings at the start.

Luckily we're viewing it for private, or at least educational purposes.

Thanks for pointing out its brief showing