Monday, May 2, 2011


--- earlier on in February...
I was just over at 2nd Year Harvey's blog being wonderfully challenged by some of his ideas and concepts.

It reminded me of Don Hertzfeldt and how an animated story can be well told with well planned, seemingly 'simple' design.

The telegraph poles and wires in the opening sequence made me think of Johnny H's 3D letter design.

There are quite a few lateral thinking and parallel idea cosmic atomic rays currently basting my thoughts.


Willva films said...

=) i enjoy those. Would it feel the same without the voice actor? =)

Frank said...

Any animation project is the result of collaboration to get the best results. It wouldn't be the same without the distinctive sound.

Have fun at uni Will (you big ol' inspiration you).

Johnny said...

I like the thought of using simple characters. You don't really notice that they're just sticks.

Frank said...

The animation and ideas shine through.