Friday, April 29, 2011

Storm - Tim Minchin

In a recent interview Tim Minchin is described, in part, by Melbourne Comedy Festival Director Susan Provan, "... His art is his activism, and he uses it to surprise people into fresh perspectives."

That quote probably applies more to Tim's views on belief, beliefs and the imposition of beliefs in people's lives. But what we have above is the philosophy and words of this artist communicated through animation. Creative, visually engaging, animation.

Animation carrying a provocative undercurrent of meaning rather than solely (soullessly?)designed for the enterprise of commercial entertainment and profit. Animation and entertainment don't need to be dichotomised into mutually exclusive concepts in these cases. They can be both and more.

It shows that animation can be a unique medium to actively tackle controversial issues in a creative way using the Sean Leahy (cartoonist) ethos, "Make them laugh and make them think."


Will said...

=) I loved this little film.Even though it was such a large scale project with lots of people playing a part it all came together very well =).

wonder if its based of a true story =)

Frank said...

I think Tim Minchin draws upon life experiences for his inspiration. Undoubtbly it is further embellished. Life makes good stories.

I like the appealing design of the animation.