Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Today I am an Animation Student

Today is my first day at school. I am an animation student (again). I love being an animation student. So now, by day I am an animation teacher. By night I fight crime ... er um ... I am an animation student.

My teacher for first semester is Jacob Gardner. He is a Dreamworks animator... Monsters Vs Aliens, Shrek Forever After, and Megamind. He is also co-founder of the animation website

Here is a film I find appealing that Jacob collaborated on before he became an employed animator (below). This is Jacob's film. I am just basking in his animation goodness.


Cassie.V said...

That is a very creative demo reel! It has every EAP in it to showcase their understanding of animation, but then presented it in a creative and funny way.

I counted:

1. Walk cycle
2. Lifting heavy objects
3. Lip synching
4. Modelling (did they model the characters?)
5. And it showed off their creativeness

Very interesting!

jonathon said...

that was awesome!!!!! :D

Frank said...

Well studied Cassie. There are plenty of EAPS and I think the animators retained a sense of fun. They didn't model the rig, it is a free one that they modified with some hair. It is inspirational work for your 2nd year animation explorations.

Johno, thanks for dropping by.