Monday, September 20, 2010

Feed the Kitty (1951)

One of my all time favourites. Directed by Chuck Jones. Check out how they handled the smear frames. Look at the amazing character animation and interactions. This short film was referenced in a scene in Monster's Inc.


Corey said...

Haha! Awesome comparison! I remember this cartoon from back in the day.

It's cool how the humour is all based around the bulldog's reactions to his surroundings. I guess his over-the-top personality makes up for the kitten's total lack of perceptiveness.

Chuck Jones could smear like nobody's business... I didn't even notice it!

Thanks for posting Frank!

Cassandra Vanderkop said...

Ahaha! That comparison was fantastic!

I love Monsters Inc and Looney Tunes. And seeing that established animators still draw reference from other animation is inspiring =)

Great Post!

Frank said...

Hi Guys. Thanks for droping by and leaving a comment. I think that there are many references to classic animation moments in contemporary feature films. Just look at Toy Story 3, it's full of animation in-jokes. I loved that Totoro was one of the toys. I hope that student animators recognise that it is fine to take inspiration from moments of genius and to try and emulate those moments in their own work.

Frank said...

Answers to the Animation History Quiz questions:

Which studio produced the two short animated films featured today? Answer: They are Warner Brothers “Merry Melodies” cartoons

Who directed the two films? Answer: Charles (or Chuck) Jones

What were the names and dates of production of the two films? Answers: 'The Case of the Missing Hare' (1942). 'The Aristo Cat' (1943)

Many of this director’s films in the 1930’s and 1940’s tried to imitate the style of which famous studio? : Walt Disney Studios

Did he ever work at that studio, the studio that was the answer to the previous question? Yes, he worked on the feature film Sleeping Beauty (1953)with Walt Kimball.

After directing a film in 1942, 'The Dover Boys', he broke away into a new style of animation humour and design. From the late 1940’s and into the 1950’s the animation style and design in his films and characters were a leading influence in animation history.

What features of his style of animation and design made his work stand out? Jones moved away from 'Disney' realism to a more abstract design. The animation he pursued was ‘snappier’ and more 'cartoony'. The snappiness was created by using limited numbers of key poses, in a pose-to-pose style animation and employing techniques such as smear frames to indicate fast movement.

Remember that Brad Bird, director of ‘The Incredibles’ and ‘The Iron Giant’, paid homage to Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston… In the Pixar feature film ‘Monsters Inc’ (2001), the directors paid homage to which cartoon by the animator you are researching today? Answer: “Feed the Kitty”(1951)

Is that cartoon, the one you answered in the previous question, one of Frank’s favourite cartoons? Yes