Monday, May 3, 2010

What could you do with a 3rd Year?

3rd year Calarts film.

Currently Southbank animators have to create their own 3rd year. A tiny number conquer the requirements of the bridging course and articulate into third year at Griffith University, Bachelor of Animation.

Animation schools in France, like Supinfocom, in a society where animation has cultural significance over and above entertainment business beancounting, have extended their animation courses. There seems to be the thinking that like fine wine, an animator needs time to mature.

Should the Southbank Institute of Technology animation course be 3 years?


Jess said...

yesss!!! a third year would be great. there's so much more i could learn!

Anonymous said...

A third year would be great, but would it become a degree? You know what I think, night classes for the really focused growing animators, mainly actually animating. A degree doesn't make you a better animator only practice will.Supainfacom is five years and Gobelins is an actual trade? apprenticeship. I've come along way from last year. I say Internship by day, classes by night. Just some thoughts. Regardless, this is what I do now, as crappy as I yet may be. The Calarts kids are bloody amazing and talented and the third year solidifies their abilities. This is job training for me. Which is why I try to do my best work. The bear movie is awesome, hey!

Icy said...

I think a third year would be good. Also because at the end of next year, I doubt i'll want to leave!

Corey said...

Southbank should most definitely have a 3rd year for animation. I have improved so much since last year... just imagine how much we would all benefit from an extra year of animation craziness!

Ah... oh well... one can only dream...!