Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Student work from Hollywood USA

Click to go to a page full of show reels Recently I posted some work from students in the United Kingdom, a film by a CalArts 3rd year animator, and a film by 4th year graduates from a French animation school. This post is linked to Californian student work in visual design, which includes animation.

The research stemmed from listening to a radio program about design where it struck me that starting in an animation course opened up so many potential pathways for an animator who considers themselves a "visual designer". (If you are impatient, want to "cherry pick", scrub to 20m:43s, or 25m:28s (about the importance of drawing in design) using the time slider on the audio player that pops up in the link)

The length of course time varies between courses as do the costs.

A key motivator is to ask: How does your work compare, if you were applying for the same jobs?

Below is a reel by one of the students above. I thought it would be interesting for students to see what Max for Maya gets up to in the USA.

Demo reel as a "3d generalist".


michelle said...

That's a really geat run leap and fall Max sequence. It's great to see him in a setting and animated eaps in concept sequence.(Is that a double whatsit "animated eaps)?Sets the ideas racing! Thanks.

michelle said...

Hi Frank, I finally found the Gnomon link on the pic!
The great thing about Gnomon is that you can buy their videos, and try their free tutorials. The online courses seem ideal for people already working in the industry. I really loved Devon Fay's clock's in trees forest. Monsters are very cool but I really love the cartoony look of his elf/leprachaun! There's really great work here. 3D is a vast area of work opportunities, I think you kind of need an industry job to fund your further studies. What does everybody else think? I still have to focus on developing my skills in the actual art and craft of animating. Learning is juggling for sure. Never the less Gnomon courses or videos would help you get a foot in the industry door and are one of the top places in the world to learn 3D from.

Frank said...

Hi Michelle. Thanks for your comments.

I agree that learning animation is in the "doing" of animation. To do animation an animator needs to have some income to live. The best scenario is to combine bith those situations. That is, earn money from doing animation.

The Gnomon materials are another resource for students of animation and the wider field of 'visual design'. It's great to have these resources to improve animation skills.

Unfortunately the resources are based on the US industry. It certainly highlights the issue that animators must be willing to travel to find animation work. Or have the technological savvy to work over the Internet effectively, if that option is ever available.

In the end finding a job that is associated with animation should be a goal for all dinkum animators.