Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tarboy (2007) - James Lee - QCA graduate

Each year 5 students apply to continue their animation education at a university level at the Queensland College of the Arts, Griffith University. This 6 minute film is the result of some very hard work and excellent planning. There is some sneaky undergrad humour such as lines like " Can't remember the last one." Most of the animators have probably already seen it, but I post it up just in case you haven't yet. Does anyone know what James Lee is doing now?

There is also some short online videos showing Tarboy concept art and the animatic for the short story.


Willem Wynand said...

aparently hes off to holywood with this idea? somone bought it, its still the top ranking newgrounds film atm and its got the highest rated reviews =)
Came out ages ago, get with the times frank =) lol na just kidding we all miss u =)

Frank said...

Thanks for the post Will and the added information.

Have you seen the latest Adam Phillips?