Sunday, December 6, 2009

Better Off Undead - Bobby Pontillas AND This One Time... - Nelson Boles

In 2010 the second years will be planning their major project narratives. I wonder if the "undead" will be a featured theme?

This is an interesting planning animation from an Animation Mentor student. At over 2 minutes it is more than twice as long as what will be recommended to build:

A short film made by Bobby Pontillas while at Animation Mentor.

Or there is this by Nelson Boles:


michelle said...

NICE!!!! Lots of great animating of movement. I want to keep my style simple too but have great movement and comic situations. I love all the comedy that comes from the "accidents" in both animations. Nelson Boles style is gorgeous also the oddness is pleasing. Looks like I'm going to have to nail my script idea down over hols but am already doing lots of drawings and the ideas come spontaneously from there.Thanks for this.

frank said...

Hi Michelle. The key will be how you communicate all your ideas within 1 minute.

Nelson Boles studied animation at CalArts and i found a link to his film from researching Victor Navone's blog.

Al said...

Woo! Undead theme! Hahaha. God I still don't know how I'll get my plot into 1 minute...

Hey Frank, any word on the Griffith pathway? Also, do you know what date we go back to class?

Cassie said...

Some nice orchestration, the chosen timing of the shots and the angles of the camera did pull both of the films off excellently. Both of the storylines could of had more work but you can only do so much in 2 minutes.