Friday, May 29, 2009

The beans are coming! Snowboarding ones.

It is nearing assessment time and I'm working through some submitted work by animators. In the modelling process part of the task was to create blendshapes for facial features (1st years didn't have to do this part). Unfortunately it appears that quite a few animators didn't take the opportunity to animate their character's facial features using blendshapes.

So... I had a bit of fun with one bean as I was checking the character rig. Did I ever mention that it is fun being an animation teacher? I hope that the animators' relationships with their first ever built character rigs haven't soured due to the metaphorical blood spilt during modelling classes? You didn't create Frankenstein's monster. Love your beans, please. Give them life... boohahahahahaHAHA!

Garn, I urge you to get your beans out for a few short animation exercises... See Mitch's handy chart!

I wanted to test if a student's character rig blendshapes worked on a spacing exercise animation. They work just fine.


Mitch said...

I have to admit it never occured to me to actually use the blendshapes because the camera was a little too far away from the face for it to be nessisary but its nice to see it in action frank. I'm a little confused with the video because the the preview looks all shiney with glow and shadows yet the rendered animation is without?

frank said...

I adjusted the blink after the render, cos I wasn't happy with it. I still think it can be better, the timing is too even, but I had to get on and assess and critique student work.