Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Animation Mentor - How a film is produced

Animators can benefit by seeing the process that other animators work through to produce a final piece of animation.

The Animation Mentor You Tube channel has student work that shows how they got from an idea for an animation to the final product.

It includes steps that the second year animators are aware of: design, layouts, storyboard, animatic, at this point the AM students to a 'pitch', video reference = ACT IT OUT and film it, blocking out the poses in 3D, animating, polishing and presentation of the final film.

What I like about this film is that it is a simple concept that allowed the student to focus on the animation. Keep It Simple.

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Willem Wynand said...

Thanx frank =D defnitly going to have to stalk these guys =) or jst subscribe whichever.. i take it you've seen the awakening?
3d and 2d elements, nice layouts, color palette, and character animation
and its constantly moving and telling the story =) what do you think?