Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Thinking vs Planning & Doing

Publicity image from Ice Age 3 by Blue Sky Studios animation Scrat knows all about "Doing!" - Ice Age 3 publicity image. Blue Sky Studios.

"Doing!" is more than a cartoon sound effect.

It is an important part of the process of learning animation. Doing is pronounced as "Do-ing", Do + Ing = Doing, as in, "What the heck are you doing!"

A wise employed animator once said, "The learning of animation is in the doing of animation."

Part of the process of animation is planning. When you are thumb nailing ideas, you are doing animation.

The animators who are planning their major project for this year need to know something important. This can be applied to any animation discussion between animation student and teacher.

When you approach your teacher to help plan your major project idea (or even a class exercise) bring with you a pencil and the notebook/sketchbook that you have specially bought for planning the task.

Take notes and draw thumbnails (plan) in the process of discussing your project.

These meetings are not "throw away" chats. They are PLANNING. We want to see results of your planning. Bring your planning out of your brain and put it on paper, please.

"Thinking about animation is not actually animating"*
*In this important for students, practical moving forward sort of way.
If you want to debate that point bring it to the table.
But make sure you bring a notebook and a pencil.

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