Friday, February 13, 2009

6B or not 6B... or maybe 2B? That is the question.

I have asked the first years to do their animation drawings with a 6B pencil. Thankfully a few more 2B pencils were held up today and even a few 6Bs and a 7B. Many still hold up illustrating tools (pacers) at the 'dailies' (meetings around the big table - simulating a studio meeting at the start of the day). When we work ruff, creating working drawings for animation it is better to use animation tools (a soft lead pencil).

The pacer will come into play (or out to play) when you have to produce cleaned up animation.

My animation teacher used to prowl the classroom getting the illustrators to put away their pacers when producing rough animation drawings.

I thought I would enlist a few important animators in this blog post to help me help the new animators see the benefit of a soft lead pencil in the animating phase of the animation process. These are people who know what they are talking about when it comes to animation.

Take special note how Glen Keane holds his pencil. There is more information about how to hold a pencil when drawing in animation and Glen Keane (I advise you to listen to the podcast and watch the clip at the link).


Tim Li said...

hmmm i dunno if its a sample or not. It could be. Kate Bush is bit old o.o xD

Frank said...

That's OK Tim (we're discussing some music Tim posted on his blog). If you knew what it was, it sounded a bit familiar. I liked it anyway and hope to see some musicality in your emerging animations. :)

Frank said...

Kate Bush is A BIT OLD!!!! ... maybe she is :) But so is some of the finest wine. ;)

Nate Lane said...

Thanks for sharing. this is great!