Sunday, March 4, 2012

Mind the GAP

"Mind the gap", is what a robot says when you step off the London Underground.
But in this animated text motion graphics piece by David Shiang Liu, the GAP is also the difference between student animation work and skills and an experienced animator's work and skills.
It is easy to expect too much off ourselves and become discontented with our student work and what seems to be too slow progress in our animation work. Try not to defeat your self. Expectations and impatience are two evils a craftsperson must face, acknowledge and conquer with dedicated and regular practice. Animate every day.
Or as Dory says in 'Finding Nemo', "Just keep swimming".
(And Ian Lacey might add when talking about learning animation, 'Just keep animating but do most of it outside your comfort zone'.)
Where expectations and imaptience are evils, challenges and practice are the tools to become, firstly a competent craftsperson, then a master craftsperson, and finally a contented one.

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The Loud One said...

Brilliant post, Frank.
Just keep swimming, and don't be afraid to speak some whale.
Got it. :)