Thursday, February 10, 2011

Lady and the Tramp pencil test - Frank Thomas

The pencil test is attributed to Frank Thomas. He did animate this sequence in the film. First years in particular should note that name.

Today we had a collaborative class where 1st and 2nd year animators worked together on the concept of ideas. We also looked at animation examples from the Lady and the Tramp (1955).

The first years looking at the film from a historical perspective, in particular taking notes on how the ideas for the story may have developed.

The second years, who will be developing storyboards, looked at how the story was pitched in the 1950's using storyboard panels pinned up on a wall. Taking note of the loose but communicative drawing style of the boards.

Wheren (a new word) animation students get their ideas:
  • In the shower
  • At the edge of sleep
  • Sugar rush
  • Mushroom risotto
  • After eating
  • Swimming
  • Walking
  • Camping
  • When ill with a fever (apparently if you catch swine flu you may think you are a planet)
  • On public transport
  • Music: listening or playing
  • Dreams (if you remember)
  • Being out in nature alone
  • Inspiration from other artists
  • Staring at something
  • Eavesdropping/ hearing something said
  • Brainstorming in a group


Johnny said...

Magical!! Pure magic! This is one of my all time most favourite scenes in animation! It is so human yet so canine. Frank Thomas is a legend God rest his brilliant soul. I love the emotion you feel between the two dogs and the spaghetti! The anticipation is intense, you almost feel and taste the kiss and spaghetti! What a perfect world that would be!

(This is a loose post-camping post - apologies...)

It's all true but, check out this site for some ol' school internet action, who said old people were useless?

Johnny said...

Whoops forgot the site link.

later gatermator

Frank said...

Johnny. I agree. It is an absolute classic.

I have seen how dogs eat. Usually they are snarling at each other. Hence the term 'wolfing it down'.

I keep wondering, how did he get video reference?

Well the film was made in 1955 - was there video then?

Nah. This is all from his imagination and planning. And it is beautiful.

Thanks for your comment and important link.