Sunday, October 17, 2010

Animating Flight

Owls and Dragons are animators' friends I was over on my animation teacher's blog, Speaking of Animation and saw that he had made a post about animating flight. Being a DreamWorks animator, Jacob relates his post to animators working on How to Train Your Dragon, but he links to a tutorial by Brendan Body a UK trained animator who worked on Legend of the Guardians. The tutorial by Brendan is an excellent resource for animation study.

Brendan, "I created many of the hero characters' flight cycles which were then used by the rest of the animation team."

Earlier this year I posted a short animating exercise that animators could attempt to see if they could fly. It would probably be worth comparing what you learned there to this latest information.

Brendan's blog
Enjoy flying with a feature film animator. How to make birds fly good (I love the title).

More Brendan Body tutorials (Cassie will see some clips she referred to in her research about the bouncing ball)

More Jacob Gardner tutorials including animating a dancing character and understanding body language to improve animation.


Cassandra Vanderkop said...

I saw this post a while ago on his blog and passed it along to Quiet Sarah for reference for her narrative.

He is a fantastic animator! And his blog is fanatastic.

Frank said...

Hey Cassie. It's great when my animation colleagues find these resources. I recognised the clips on Brendan's blog after having seen them from your communication.

It's definitely worth sharing.

Keep me in the (flight) loop when you find more animation resources like this.

michelle said...

Alonso posted the link on his blog, Monotreme Dreams about 27th September! I also found it to be a great resource and very useful. He always has this astute eye for helpful info and I trust that his sharing info comes from a genuine interest as a working animator and from a genuine enthusiasm about encouraging other animators by sharing links and tips.Like you, Frank, and like Ian! Flight is such an important animal action we should all give it a practice! Yes animation is about shared information not about constantly competing, trying to upset your imagined competitors and then thinking that you are winning some sort of imagined race! Hard work and ability counts! It's my sort of Industry!
These two years are only the beginning! I feel like I'm walking steadily into a good natured, hard working creative industry that necessarily is interested in helping animators at all levels to grow, that is as long as your'e prepared to work hard and constantly improve your showreel/work. This is one of the best things I've learnt in this course. Perseverance, constant improvement and being proactive and researching the Animation World! Animating is learning to fly!

michelle said...

Oh Yeah,It is really interesting to look at Brendan Body's great showreel and his resume. Great work on great projects! Really encouraging and inspiring!

Frank said...

Hi Michelle. Thanks again for surfing by and making some comments.

I saw Alonso's comments on Brendan's blog, so I flew on over to Alonso's blog and popped a few comments of encouragement up on his blog. "Monotreme Dreams" is an excellent resource.