Monday, June 7, 2010

Inspire - How does your showreel compare?

I was at 2nd year Cassie's blog watching Joker and Batman dolls in some awesome stop mo' breakdance battles. Then I saw Bruce Lee fighting Ironman. So I researched the director/animator Patrick Boivin and found his Vimeo channel and 2009 showreel.


Zade said...

That was awesome!!! However I have to admit to the answer to the question my showreel is waaay better, ha ha... Nuh just joking. I was going to say a few jokes about the showreel, however I found it excellent the film footage was good quality the cinematography was excellent and the animation was incredible! :)

Frank said...

Hey Zade. Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. Patrick Boivin, according to his bio, is an autodidact, so I take that to mean he is a self taught stop mo' animator.

That would say a lot for the power of observation, that he applies to his animation to great effect.

Cassie.V said...

I love this guy! He is a fantastic live action film maker, 3D animator and a stop motion animator.

Really love his stop mo style. And his shorts make me laugh =)