Sunday, April 18, 2010

2009 Graduate is "Artist of the Month"

"An innovative display of Disney style cartoons and 2D animation on both the wall space and the television at Strathpine Library"
Dana is an SBIT Aimation course 2009 graduate who is also exploring a career as a creative artist. Since graduating Dana successfully applied to participate in a regional art awards, has had her student film featured on the ARC blog, is a featured artist with an exhibition of art work, and has been producing character designs and a narrative for an ebroidery company project that show off animation influenced character posing skills. Dana has also gathered work on personal commissions by exhibiting her work.

Well done Banana!


Willem Wynand said...

yaaaays =), i'm looking forward to the future

Cassie.V said...

That's awesome! Nice work =)