Wednesday, March 3, 2010


What I hope my animators will discover, is that great animation works because of careful planning.

Eager new animators are so keen to jump into a software package because that is where they think animation happens.

Eventually, I hope, the realisation will come that the important animation principles are solved in the planning.

[Take deep mental breath...]

Planning is those steps that may seem unrelated to working in Flash and Maya, or a stop motion program. Planning includes important steps such as a building a production schedule, producing multiple sketchy character designs, thumbnail sketches of poses worked up into ruff key drawings where the poses are pushed for clearer communication on every draft, storyboards, line testing, giving and receiving critiques, line testing, more line testing to get the timing and spacing perfect.

To illustrate the importance of planning we can look outside of animation. How much planning do you think went into this one take music video by 'OK Go' to make it work?:


Cassie.V said...

Wow! That is an awesome video.

Willem Wynand said...

AWOMSE =) 300k views in 3 days is awamzing =) good for them =

Good video to empasize planning haha =)

Frank said...

Hey cassie and Will. thanks for dropping in the comments.

Check out some more of their work it is creativity on a stick with toffee coating.