Wednesday, January 13, 2010

SBIT animation course promo

This short clip, promoting animation and visual effects at Southbank, has got me thinking.

I'd be interested to read any critiques of the (student) animation in the comments.


Cassie said...

Hi Frank
Thought I would drop in and comment since it happens once in a blue moon...

Firstly, that animation came out of multimedia, they didn't ask us (The Animation course) perched on level 3 to do any of the work

Secondly, they just used a cycle on a path.. there was barely any animation in that if you included the words dropping down..

Thirdly, it would of taken not that long to add things to make it a little more interesting:

a) anticipation
b) it is essentially a bouncing ball, how hard is it to get a bouncing ball, right?
c)squash and stretch
d)interesting and dynamic camera angles
e) add a storyline?

Fourthly, talk about overkill, they had about 5-7 guys working on that thing....

frank said...

Thanks for dropping by after waork Cassie.

You make some astute observations and some interesting points.