Wednesday, October 14, 2009

BigFish Fest - Animation Fieldtrip

Cassie 3rd Year, Jack, Katie, Braden, Al, Corey, Alice, Olly, Cassie, Jess, Rachel, Terry
Dan, Alex, Igor, Sarah, Cassie, Cassie, Terry, Jess
animators, lots of them
These are a few digital sketches I made while at the exhibit today.
Please provide feedback in the comments on your thoughts about the excursion to the Powerhouse and meeting the animators from BigFish, Igor and Sheldon.


Cassie said...

hehe, Jane looks good in neon. :)
It was a fun day out.

Jess said...

it was a great day! i found their work to be very inspirational :)

Frank said...

I had quite a bit of fun as well. A dirty martini at the Watt bar may have been the olive on top but instead we had to eat some dust on the CityCat.

Jess, I'm glad you found some inspiration. It is a rare gem and you should make the most of it by having a go at making some similar animation.

michelle said...

Loved the snappy, darkling humour of the absurdist songs. What is also satisfying are the painterly references within the visual style(Klee, Leger, Picasso to name just a few) combined with the intrinsic potential for comedic action of limited animation,(Zagreb Animation, UPA). Their limited animation style successfully expands on complex ideas with it's visual simplicity and punchy action... so to me, Bigfish , as a company, takes the piss with style.
Funny,funny shit! Absolutely impressed with their weekly self-imposed deadline, and how they jumped into the internet and went from there. Inspiring! Bigfish is definitely one of those great creative partnership combos that manage to let you back down to earth by making you laugh.