Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Why do you have that blog?

I'll try and be briefOK people here's the thing.

You have an animation student blog for an important reason.

Because I say so. :)

The reason I say so is: so I can see how you are progressing in your class work by asking you to post work completed as class tasks.

Class tasks should be treated as design briefs. That's not designer briefs, Ryan.

Animators should practice getting them on (your blog) within the deadline... set for the class assessment tasks.

If you have an itchy spot that is telling you, "I think I should have posted some work up on my blog under the heading 'Assessment'", well you may very well be correct.
The work you post is some of the proof that you are doing the work to become a good animator and end up with a qualification. Y'see you give me proof that you're doing the work. I organise for you proof that you have done the work (a lovely framed certification from the best dang animation course in Queensland).

Check the class task sheets on Blackboard to see what should be posted on your blog.

The stimulus to make this post is an educational one as well.

Why do you have a blog? Maybe it can work for you... learn more from Karen J Lloyd's Storyboard Blog (it's a blog you should get used to visiting as their is a lot of good stuff there).

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The Loud One said...

Ahhhh * runs away ashamed* I'll pull meh finger, eh?